Bez Vesny / Without Spring (EP, 2014)


Year: 2014

1. Bez Vesny (Without Spring)
2. Ostav (Leave Me)
3. Ya Pomniu (I Remember)
4. S Toboy (With You)

Septem Voices:
Adele - vocals
Ivan Lysenkov - drums
Elmira Sultanbekova - grand piano, keyboards
Grigor Mkrtchian - guitars
Rustam Biktimirov - bass

Additional musicians:
Chulpan Yangirova (violins)
Arsen Grigorian (duduk)

All music, lyrics and arrangements by Ivan Lysenkov.

Recorded at Sosnovsky Records, LifeWater Records, Ufimskiy Jazz Club by Mikhail Kuzmitchiov.

Mixed by Mikhail Kuzmitschiov.
Mastered by Stanislav Kariakin at Saturday Mastering Online.

Artwork by Mikhail Larin. Photo by Elvira Mustafina.

Septem Voices thank: parents, friends, those who wait and believe.